Pull Up by @BuddyBoi864 @PIMPENWRIGHT @BuddyCuzImpala dir @silovisionmedia

Pull Up by @BuddyBoi864 @PIMPENWRIGHT @BuddyCuzImpala dir @silovisionmedia 

"Pull Up" by Buddy Boi, Pimp Enwright and Buddy Cuz
“Pull Up” by Buddy Boi, Pimp Enwright and Buddy Cuz



South Carolina- Buddy Cuz from Mullins SC,  Buddy Boi from GreenWood SC,  Pimp Enwright from Abbeville SC have teamed up for this Carolina instant Classic “Pull Up”. The three liked the collaboration so much they now have a mixtape on the way entitled “3DaKuntryWay”. In a day and age where artists are spending so much time tearing each other up in battles and diss records it is nice to see some artists working together.

It helps when the three are all talented rappers with several projects under each of their belts. These three self proclaimed Country Boys are doing what is necessary sometimes to further one’s career and fan base, namely collaborating with other artists of similar or the same caliber of career. It is often easy for artists of way different career paths to work together. But when you have people working to break out it is often hard for them to support what many would see as their main competition.

Whether it was forced or not they  will never say, but the record and video do not seem to be and the fact they are doing a whole LP after tends to make one think these 3 enjoyed the collaboration. Other, especially younger, artists should take notice. Collaborating with people who are not your neighbor is one of the most  efficient and effective way to build your followers on Music Giants like: Spotify, Itunes and more. 

Buddy Cuz is all action on the set of the video for "Pull Up" featuring Buddy Boi and Pimp Enwright
Buddy Cuz is all action on the set of the video for “Pull Up” featuring Buddy Boi and Pimp Enwright


The track is a slowed down Country Rap Tune with a slow 808 or snare along with a synth. The combination of noises makes the beat the perfect afternoon jam at one of Buddy  Cuz’s infamous BBQ’s out in Mullins. Out in the “Country”,  is a source of pride with these Carolina rappers, just like city emcees write about their surroundings so do these artists.  The video, directed by Siloette of Silovision Media, reminds us of the  rural Country.

As the rappers serenade us with a catchy hook repeating the Pull Up on Me, Pull Up with the flow of the beat, the video takes place in a few  “Country” settings. If you have ever been to the country you will find the old gas station or run down factory  familiar site. And if you ever had beef or bought drugs in the country the “Pull Up” video will bring you back there instantly. As far as the lyrics  go, all three of the rappers are on point. Watch the video below and get ready for the new “3DaKuntryWay” mix tape coming ASAP!  


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