Secrets 5 Steps by The Real Krayz @TheRealKrayZ R&B @OFFICIALECKB

Secrets 5 Steps by The Real Krayz

Secrets 5 Steps by The Real Krayz
Secrets 5 Steps by The Real Krayz

Las Vegas, Nevada- Singing sensation The Real Krayz is back again this week to get the ladies wet early on a Monday. Take a listen to his new hit single “Secrets 5 Steps” . The longtime singer and song writer has been steadily building his resume with awards and fans from across all genres of music. Almost all good Secrets are never kept, The Real Krayz is one that will not be kept much longer. Make sure your girl is not taking notes during this track or you may have a problem on your Hands. 


Here is the short bio his team sent in. We also have a Social Media Links, Some past videos and his single with the East Coast Killa Beez. 

Legal Mobb Entertainment / East Coast Killa Beez, R&B singer, hip hop vocalist, The Real KrayZ. A native from Las Vegas, NV… He is a 8X award winner, 6 of which were awarded from the Black Music Awards Association. Also known as “The Prince Of Vegas” or the “RnB Prince Of Vegas”, The Real KrayZ is also an online media show host, and an extreme athlete in BMX Racing. Now he has numerous amount of tours under his belt, along with collaborations with UGK, and song placements on major mixtapes where he is featured as the only independent artist.

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