Rather Give by Shawn Rude

Rather Give by Shawn Rude featuring Poodeezy @ShawnRudeBoi

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Rather Give by Shawn Rude 

Rather Give by Shawn Rude
Rather Give by Shawn Rude featuring Poodeezy


San Diego, California- Checking in from South East San Diego is Rude Mobb  boss Shawn Rude with his new visual for “Rather Give”. The slowed down track features singer/rapper Poodeezy and has a little something for the fellas and the ladies. The word play and theme of the track is how Rude and Poodeezy would rather give anything than the last of they lean in this case this includes their women! The track is sure to have the hood vibing. Even though it is hating on some ladies I can see them vibing with the Rude Mobb on this one! The visual is just as grimey as the word play and is shot in a Lean house filled with YG’s turning up to their drink of choice and plenty of smoke. In the visual you get to see familiar faces to the West Coast rap world including Lil Yase. The whole record is legit and the video only adds to it. Get Yo Popcorn the Rude Mobb movie is on in 2017. We have included all the visuals, social media and music links and players for Shawn Rude below. He just finished his “Dome Shot” EP which features the forementioned Lil Yase, Mozzy, Celly Ru, D-Lo and more. 100% Mnadatory Snatch or whatever they are saying now for 2017. 

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Shawn Rude – Rather Give ft. Poodeezy

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