Affiliated by Tiny DC and Eddie MMack @TinyDC619 @EddieMack59

Affiliated by Tiny DC and Eddie MMack

Affiliated by Tiny DC and Eddie MMack
Affiliated by Tiny DC and Eddie MMack

San Diego, California- Rappers Tiny DC and Eddie MMack have seen a lot in their short lives on this planet. The two “gang” members and rappers from dangerous areas of San Diego have taken those experiences and put them to music on their new LP “Affiliated”. The project drops worldwide on both Tiny DC’s SAB Ent and Eddie MMack’s “Maddness Mobb Records. It says a lot that the two mid 20’s emcees have their own label deals. In addition, to the labels through Empire Distribution, the two have been making moves in the business world. Tiny DC owns and operates his own store front studio in San Diego County and Eddie MMack has teamed up with his neighborhood OG at Wrongkind Records the infamous Mitchy Slick. The project has a little of something for everyone. The single the Gods were given touches on some of the darker side of the rap industry. The song starts with news reports from the death of Lamar Canady aka Cee Wee 3, the West Coast Official CEO and rapper who was gunned down in his barber shop. It also touches on the wrongful imprisonment of rapper Tiny Doo and his ultimate release and also political topics like Donald Trump.  Both artists show their unique style on the song. Eddie MMack with his quick methodical bars on GRIT life and Tiny DC with his High Pitch voice and smack talkin Bars. 100% They are some of the hardest working and rising west coast indie rappers on the scene. Eddie MMack just left SXSW with the fore mentioned Mitchy Slick and Tiny DC has been all over the place with a show just Saturday in Hollywood. Both men are moving of the map of The South East and into larger ponds of the music world. The slowed down track produced by Tiny DC has  a voice running throughout that will keep you tuned in again and again. Take a listen to the dope new single below via the Sound Cloud. Please PreOrder on Apple and check their social media and other links below! 

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Song Description:
“This Album is the first official single off of Tiny DC and Eddie MMacks new group album called “Affiliated” on this song the two young San Diego natives came together to tell the same story from two different sides of the rag and two different perspectives. In this chilling anthem, Tiny DC sets the pace and Eddie MMack easily follows suit. Tiny DC also produced this track after sampling a little Adele. He has only been making beats for about a year now. But with instructors like Ecay Uno & Minister Travis (Treali Duce) It was only a matter of time before he find his groove. Be sure to subscribe to be notified on all up and coming releases. Thank you for all of the support..”/
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