Who Taught You How To Bang? by Sin Dodie, Slim 400 & Mr. Shadow

Who Taught You How To Bang

Who Taught You How To Bang
Who Taught You How To Bang by Slim 400, Mr. Shadow and Sin Dodie


Southern California- Dropping that slap off at the office today is Tony Cash from Brand Name Hustle Gang with his latest installment to the “West Coast Certified” LP  with the FIRE new single “Who Taught You How To Bang”. The track features: Mr.Shadow, Slim 400 and Sin Dodie. That line up alone should be turning heads. How often do you see a rising star from Bompton teaming up with a legendary Chicano OG from San Diego and a rising young star from Dago as well in Sin Dodie? The Gods will answer that question for you…Never. This song is unique. The line up is unique, the sound is unique and the response should be as well. 

We already touched on the Line up being different, the sound is 100% not what you are hearing right now on the radio. But it should be. Its real rap music, not a whole bunch of snares and trap sounds, but rather a slumpin ass baseline that would get your grandma nod her head, Mix in a gangsta synth noise and you  got a hit! Now if SoCal can just create the same response to their artists collaborating as other parts of the country did they might be on to getting this song where it should be nationally! LISTEN HERE EXCLUSIVELY PRE-ORDER 1/12 Purchase on 2/9 via Brand Name Hustle Gang and Empire. 

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