Justin Hunte & Rude Jude / Why Hip Hop Youth Keeps Dissing Tupac?

In the past couple weeks has it become a “trend” to diss Tupac? Lil Xan saying Pac is boeing & deserves a 2 on the clout scale,03 Gredo insists Tupac was a bitch ass ni@#a ,Yahty says he can’t name 5 saongs from the rap legend. Am I a fan of Pac? Yes. Am I a fan of freedom of speech? Indeed I am.Let’s look at it like this…Did Tony Gwyn say Reggie Jackson was a bitch ass nigga? Or Jose Conseco take shots at Babe Ruth? Never heard ANY of that. So Where is this coming from?

So  Jude and Justin discuss the trend of young rappers dissing the late great Tupac Shakur. Check it below.

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